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Riedenschild Watches
The Riedenschild GmbH is still a very young company and can still rely on a Kow-How of almost 50 years of watchmaking. The reason is the parent company Eichmüller in Munich. Founded in 1950, watchmaker produced by the advent of digital watches in the 80-zigern own mechanical watch movements and watches.

Mr. Oliver Wolf recognized the opportunity and founded with Mr. Eichmüller the Riedenschild GmbH This is not only the idea for the use of older technology watches in the foreground, but also combining the latest techniques watches, creative designs and development of the young brand Riedenschild. The revival of watchmaking in Germany is at the focus of Riedenschild GmbH.
The Riedenschild watches are characterized by particularly high quality, desing and high-quality materials. The company engages in the use of the components back to renowned companies like Swiss clockwork, including bracelets from Pforzheim or production of the dials from Germany.
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